COVID-19 Response & Resources

The Forward Promise village of grantees have pivoted to respond to the rapidly unfolding, multi-faceted problems created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our most vulnerable communities and populations have been hard hit by this crisis.

Forward Promise reached out to its grantees to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and what they are doing to effectively support boys and young men of color (BYMOC) and their families during this time.

Impact of COVID-19 in Communities of Color

This paper documents the emerging challenges in our grantees’ communities and solutions they are developing to ensure that BYMOC and their villages continues on the path to healing, growing, and thriving.

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Video Series

Explore interviews featuring some of our grantees, fellows, and national advisors sharing the actions they have taken to protect, heal, and help plan for the futures of their organizations and communities


Listen to a special COVID-19 Response series on our new podcast featuring audio interviews with grantees, fellows, and advisors.

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