Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Application Questions, Materials and Deadline

Where should I apply?
The application can be found on our website at (click on “Apply for Fellowship”) or go to

Once you start the application can it be saved and returned to complete at a later date?
Yes. You will be asked to create an account that will allow you to save information you have already input and return to your application at a later time.

I am a part of multiple organizations; do you want letters of support that represent them all?
Yes, you should obtain letters of support from all the organizations that may be impacted by your participation in Fellowship activities.

What is the deadline for submitting the application? Will Forward Promise accept entries after the deadline has passed?

The deadline is 11:59 pm Eastern time on July 20, 2018. Unfortunately, we are not able to extend the application period due to time needed to review, process, select and onboard Fellows. Please reach out if you need support prior to the deadline to

Can the vision incorporate both direct and indirect (research) on the healing of boys and young men of color?
Yes, it can incorporate multiple aspects and models related to healing.

If our work is with both boys and girls, can we speak from that perspective?
Yes. Individuals who work with both boys and girls of color can apply and speak to how their work impacts both.

What is the difference between a letter of support and references?
A letter of support is NOT a personal reference letter or letter of recommendation. It is simply to indicate that you will not be penalized professionally, academically or financially by your commitment to engage in Fellowship activities and retreats. Only contact information is required for the references section of the application.

When will our references be contacted?
References will likely be contacted in the final selection phase near the end of August.

Do I need to upload a professionally produced video?
The video should not be professionally produced and can be recorded from a handheld device or laptop. It should be no longer than 3 minutes long. The maximum file size is 10 MB. You can use a file shrinking site such as to decrease the file size if you are having difficulty meeting the size limitation. Video quality is not a factor in the judging of candidates applications.

Can I submit a program our non-profit agency is already implementing?
Yes, you can share an existing program that is based upon your vision of healing. However, you should have a leadership role in the design and implementation of the program.

I am the Director/Independent Contractor/Consultant of the organization I am affiliated with. Do I need to submit a letter of support?
You do not need a letter of support if your organization does not have a board or directors. You can, however, indicate in a letter how your organization will benefit from your participation in the Fellowship and that your participation will not interfere with the operations or health of your organization.

Is it necessary to be affiliated with an organization?
No, you are not required to be affiliated with an organization.

Cash Prize

What is the reason for awarding $5,000 at the start of the Fellowship and $5,000 at completion of the Fellowship?
Half of the $10,000 cash prize is awarded at the beginning or inception of the program with the remaining half being paid at the conclusion to encourage Fellows to fulfill their commitment to participate in the entire 18-month program.

Can the $10,000 prize be given to the organization that a Fellow is working with, in order to help support their salary – or does the award need to come directly to the individual?
The $10,000 will be given to individuals rather than organizations. Forward Promise does not stipulate to Fellows how to use funds.

Are there parameters for use of the prize money?
No. The $10,000 cash award is considered a prize, not a grant. The prize money may be used in whatever manner the Fellow sees fit. The Forward Promise NPO will not monitor or track how Fellows choose to use their award. The Forward Promise NPO is not responsible for any tax liability the Fellows may incur from receiving this cash prize and encourages applicants to consult with a tax professional for any potential tax implications.
Fellowship Experience

During the Fellowship period, will fellows be asked to submit papers, speak at conferences, and etc?
No. Fellows will not be asked to submit papers or speak at conferences as part of the Fellowship activities or curriculum.

Is the Fellowship experience different for emerging Fellows versus experienced Fellows?
No. Emerging and experienced Fellows will bring different knowledge and wisdom to the cohort, but will be treated equally. Each of the Fellows as individuals will be important tools and assets for the Fellowship. The Fellows are expected to teach and learn from each other and to contribute to a supportive community.

What types of professional development supports are provided?
Group and individual professional development curriculum will be tailored for the selected Fellows. Core curriculum topics may include: interrogating masculinity and gender norms, understanding historical trauma, mental and physical effects of trauma, stress and racial literacy, self care, and identifying supports and making referrals. Skills-based curriculum topics may include: making and pitching an argument, telling your story, grant writing and fundraising, group facilitation, program evaluation, and social connection and networking.

Who can and should attend the retreats?
The individual who applies for the Fellowship and is the recipient of the award is the only person who should attend the Fellowship activities. This is an award to individuals, not organizations. Awards are not transferable.

Will the retreats be in locations that reflect recharging and healing or will they be in a general office setting?
We will intentionally seek out locations that provide a “retreat-like” setting with comfortable accommodations but also access to nature and healing spaces that promote relaxation and recharging. We will also seek out locations that align with our mission and values as much as possible.

How long do you anticipate each of the four on-site retreats to be?
The retreats will be 2 days each (or 48 hours) plus travel time – which will depend on the location of each retreat.

Are locations for the retreats open for suggestions?
Yes, we welcome recommendations for retreat locations.

If I am a Fellow, is my participation in Fellowship activities required?
Yes. Forward Promise Fellows agree to participate in all Fellowship activities, which include a total participation requirement of 250-300 hours over 18 months (October 2018 – April 2020). The Fellowship includes participation in web-based leadership development training and workshops, and four, two-day, in-person retreats held in different locations nationally over an 18-month period. All travel expenses related to Fellowship retreats will be paid for by Forward Promise.

Selection, Evaluation and Judging Criteria

If you are currently trying to figure out how to implement healing practices into new work with young people both boy and girls in 7 different states would that be a strength or weakness in the application process?
It is not considered a strength or a weakness. Content of vision for healing is the primary consideration for selection.

How many Fellows will be selected?
Twenty (20) Fellows will be selected for the 2018-2020 cohort.

Can two or more people submit an application together?
Teams, pairs, or members of the same family must apply separately or individually. Both members of a team/pair/family may not necessarily be selected.

Who reviews the applications?
The applications are reviewed by the Forward Promise leadership team, members of our National Advisory Committee, Frontline Solutions consultants and staff from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Is it best to already have a program implemented or is it ok to have an idea, which can be implemented throughout the 18-month Fellowship?
Both existing (programs that are already implemented) and new (emerging) ideas can be presented for the Fellowship.

How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the Fellowship?
Through direct feedback from Fellows in regarding a number of factors such as:

  • Improved capacity and effectiveness of their programs, including greater community support for implementing their visions
  • Increased knowledge of culturally responsive practices and how to incorporate them
  • Improved sense of wellbeing, reinvigoration for their work and greater sense of connectivity and community with a cohort of leaders and the broader BYMOC field (these are intended as examples only, not a comprehensive or conclusive list)


Can college students apply?
Yes. A letter of support from their academic dean or academic advisor should be provided.

Is there an age limit?
Applicants must be 18 years or older.

Will geographic distribution be considered when making selection of Fellows?
There will be a variety of considerations in order to create a diverse cohort of Fellows, which includes geographic representation within the U.S. and its territories.

Can individuals working for current and past Forward Promise grantees apply for the Fellowship?


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