Partnering with Systems to Disrupt Dehumanization: FAQs

General Questions

Yes. An optional applicant web conference was held on May 22nd. The recording and the slides are available through this link.

In fairness to all applicants, the program will not accept late submissions. Forward Promise program office staff are available by email to guide applicants through the online process, if necessary, but may not be able to assist all applicants in the final 24 hours before a submission deadline.

We expect to award up to seven grants in the amount of $150,000 over am 18-month period.

Forward Promise issues calls for proposals periodically. The focus of each funding initiative and its intended audiences may differ over time to address different priorities. To stay up-to-date on future funding opportunities, sign up for our mailing list at

Yes. Detailed instructions for completing brief proposals are found in the online grant application system, available at Proposal narratives should be no more than ten pages, and must be double spaced. Additionally, the Times New Roman or Ariel font should be used.

Yes. Forward Promise program office staff are available to guide applicants through all parts of the online system, if necessary, but may not be able to assist all applicants in the final 24 hours before a submission deadline. For help, contact Additionally, answers to technical FAQs about the online grant application system are available in the Reference section on the application home page.

Yes, contributors may share the work on a proposal. Application creators may use the “Invite Contributors” function to ask others to work with them on the proposal. The online grant application system will send an email to your contributors telling them they can access your proposal and will send them a temporary password if they do not have a MyRWJF account, or will tell them they can login using their existing MyRWJF account.

Proposals will be reviewed within a month and a half of the proposal deadline. The full timeline is available in the call for proposals, available at

You will receive a letter notifying you about the decision on whether or not your proposal advances to the next stage of the grantmaking process. However, it will not include any feedback or an individual critique of the proposal.

Yes, but one lead applicant must be selected and the lead applicant must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the call for proposals, available at

Organizations may be listed as partners on multiple proposals, however, they may not be the lead applicant on more than one proposal.

Please visit the RWJF website at The Foundation has numerous national programs focused on addressing a variety of issues and efforts to build a Culture of Health.

You may wish to contact the Foundation Center, a resource organization on foundations, for other sources of funding. Their website is

Proposals for this solicitation must be submitted electronically. Visit and use the “Apply Online” link. Before applying, you will be required to register with the online grant application system at After registering at MyRWJF, applicants will be instructed on the steps required to submit their proposal. All full proposals are due by Thursday, June 6th, 2019 at 3 p.m. ET.

No. However, applicants must have the administrative and financial capacity (i.e., proper governance, sufficient staffing and strong policies, procedures and internal controls) to manage an award of the size being requested and may be asked to provide financial and other information to support this capability as part of the review and selection process.

No, but preference will be given to applicants that are either public entities or nonprofit organizations that are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and are not private foundations or Type III supporting organizations. The Foundation may require additional documentation.

You can do an online search of IRS Publication 78 at Publication 78 is a list of organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions.

Programmatic Questions

A letter of commitment, signed by the applicant organization’s executive director, CEO, or board chair from each of the partner organizations is required. Full instructions for submitting letters can be found in the Supporting Documents section of the online grantmaking system.

All letters of commitment must be scanned into PDF format and uploaded for submission through the online grantmaking system. Hard copy letters sent to Forward Promise will not be accepted. For this reason, letters can be addressed to either the applicant organization or to Forward Promise.

Yes. At the start of the grant, grantees will participate in a partnership assessment. After completion, grantees will co-develop technical assistance plans with the national program office and its partners. The assessment will inform both individual technical assistance plans, and a broad cohort-wide program that may include individual and group learning activities.

Forward Promise: Partnering with Systems to Disrupt Dehumanization intends to support organizations serving BYMOC ages 12–24. Regardless of program participant age, we also seek to support programs that are age and developmentally appropriate.

Culturally responsive methods and models acknowledge that culture is central to understanding and encourages participants to learn by building on the experiences, knowledge, and skills they bring to the group. Culturally responsive practices demonstrate respect and appreciation for the values, beliefs, traditions, and customs of program participants. 

Dehumanization is the process by which an individual or group’s full humanity is denied.

For this initiative, we do not have a required minimum number of youth served.

Youth serving systems may include (but are not limited to), education, housing, employment, healthcare, foster care, and justice systems.

Yes, organizations that serve both young men and women will be considered, but must indicate an explicit emphasis on improving outcomes for BYMOC. Additionally, preference will be given to organizations whose programs are made up of at least 50 percent BYMOC.

No. However, projects will be selected with the intention of funding a diverse group of grantees based on several criteria listed in the call for proposals, available at

We do not have a minimum requirement for how long a partnership must be active to be considered, however, partnerships should be able to demonstrate improved outcomes for BYMOC.

October 15, 2019.

Budgetary Questions

No. Each grantee may find expenses are varied, especially during the planning and implementation phases.

Yes. Grant funds can be used to support fringe benefits for personnel. General information and instructions about creating your online budget can be found in the Reference section of the online grantmaking system, under Budget Preparation Guidelines.

No, however, proposed budgets will be assessed to make sure they are cost effective and appropriately reflect the project design.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supports an indirect cost rate of up to 12%. If you have questions about the rate, please contact the Forward Promise program office at

Indirect costs can be taken on all line items in the budget. However, the indirect costs on the purchased services category may be reduced if the amount budgeted for this category represents 33% or more of the entire project budget in a given year. If you have questions about the indirect costs, please contact the Forward Promise program office at

No. The $150,000 grant award includes any indirect costs associated with the project.

Grantees should include travel costs in their budgets for two people to participate in up to two annual grantee meetings (one for each year of the grant), using the Foundation’s travel estimate of $1,300 per person for a two-night/two-day trip where air travel is required.

We do not have a required compensation rate for purchased services, however, a justification would be required for any rates above the Foundation’s approved rate of $500 per day.