Deep Center

Deep Center works to redress the detrimental effects of poverty on literacy of youth in Savannah, Georgia by encouraging young people to tell their stories through writing, reading, and performance. Still Astronauts  is a partnership with Savannah Chatham County Public School System (SCCPSS) and Chatham County Juvenile Court (CCJC)  to create healing-centered systems to help BYMOC heal, grow, and thrive. The project title is derived from ”No Longer Astronauts,” a poem by Deep Center author, Nadine Niang, about the juvenile justice system.

Deep Center, SCCPSS, and CCJC will work together to

  1. create a model for training stakeholders in healing-centered responses
  2. foster leadership among BYMOC teachers, and families
  3. conduct research to identify and advocate for BYMOC-supportive policies
  4. use stories to advance more positive narratives about BYMOC
  5. organize the community to educate, effect change, and hold institutions accountable.