UTEC was launched by young people in response to gang violence. Today, it is a nationally recognized model that uses intensive street outreach, correctional facility in-reach, and gang peacemaking, engaging the most disconnected young adults by meeting them “where they are” and facilitating positive changes in their goals and priorities. Each young person in UTEC’s target population (ages 17-25, school drop outs, gang and/or criminally involved, pregnant or parenting persons) receives up to three years of intensive wraparound services while enrolled to help them overcome personal, health, and institutional barriers to improving their lives. UTEC also provides paid workforce training through multiple social enterprises and helps youth get their high school equivalency degree. For this initiative, UTEC will expand its partnership with local correctional and probation agencies to support activities that would transform how correctional facilities and probation offices approach working with BYMOC who are criminally involved.