We share stories of how culturally-relevant practices can be healing and transformative in the lives of boys and young men of color who have experienced trauma in their lives and their communities. We hope these stories will inspire boys and young men of color and the people and systems that interact with them. We also hope they will create support for the people and organizations that are featured in the stories. Share your story.

La Plazita Institute

As in the desert that surrounds this city, it seems almost all living happens at dusk. The sun throws rose-colored light on the Sandia Mountains, the pale houses empty, and the sidewalks fill. Above, the skies look brush-stroked and extravagant, and a breeze comes, as if it had been hiding too. When you endure in the desert, this hour is your reward.

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Alaska Native Heritage Center

Anchorage, Alaska is a celebration of natural splendor. Snow-topped mountains reach up into clinquant skies and create a majestic backdrop for the normalcy of life happening below. It’s the meeting of two worlds in the state’s largest city—the earthen grandeur that’s existed for lifetimes and the contemporary bustle of the now.

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