Teli Shabu is the Executive Director of The Magic of African Rhythm (TMOAR) whose mission is to provide cultural programs to underserved and marginalized populations in order to revitalize community and self-image. For the past 20 years, TMOAR has conducted multi-disciplinary arts workshops through local and regional arts councils: drumming, drum making and repair clinics, dance, song, drama, literature, storytelling, textile design, and costume design during school residencies, in after-school programs, and in evening and weekend classes at community centers. TMOAR’s work is primarily with people of African descent and youth communities who lack these cultural arts opportunities. Teli teaches youth drumming classes with a focus on its connection to Hip Hop music, exposing them to the culture that birthed the popular music they now listen to in order to foster internalized pride. In addition to his work with youth, he is a storyteller with Whistle Stop Tours in Durham and a trained bedside musician and engages in a number of cultural programs in the community. Mr. Shabu is a respected, experienced elder, or Baba, in his community who brings an important aspect of cultural healing to the cohort.