Our Mission

Forward Promise affirms the full humanity of people of color and rallies against the narratives, policies, and practices that dehumanize them. Our work asserts that young people heal, grow, and thrive in healthy villages; therefore, we advance individual and structural solutions rooted in culture that strengthen whole communities.

Forward Promise is an independent initiative of The Moriah Group.

Our Mandates for a Healthy,
Thriving Village

Our village of grantees and fellows identified seven mandates that will guide the work of our hands:

– To bring healing medicine to children of color by cultivating spaces of trust and connection
– To teach our children how to protect themselves against dehumanizing narratives and actions
– To heal communities by building power and demanding changes to systems that harm our children
– To frame definitions of healing with a community’s assets and aspirations rather than its challenges
– To model possibility and transformation that moves society toward true healing for people of color
– To push ourselves past outdated mindsets so that youth are fully embraced as their authentic selves
– To redefine our relationship with rest and model this self-care for the next generation