Supporting Healthy Villages

Areas of Impact

Our grantmaking, technical assistance, field building, leadership development, and research prepares individuals and direct service organizations, youth-serving systems, and philanthropic institutions to:


Projects funded through Forward Promise’s competitive grants program generally range from two to four years in duration and focus on work supporting young people of color. In 2021 alone, Forward Promise awarded $1.75 million in general operating funds to organizations across the United States.


Disrupting dehumanization and reclaiming the humanity of young people of color is heart work. The Forward Promise Fellowship for Leaders is a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary, intergenerational cohorts to share the vision and the weight of their call to justice and advocacy within a community of trust and care. Forward Promise Fellows work in different sectors, have different levels of experience, and share the lived experience of racial injustice and social inequities with the people they serve.

Technical Assistance

Forward Promise’s technical assistance offerings are designed to help grantee organizations to develop, implement, and evaluate just and equitable programs and policies. Through our proprietary curriculums, we help organizations disrupt dehumanization and implement healing practices rooted in culture.

Field Building & Research

Forward Promise advances both field building and research strategies that inform and reframe policy, practice, and funding decisions about communities of color and what they deserve. Our work helps activists, direct service practitioners, youth-serving systems, and leaders in philanthropy to emphasize the needs, dreams, and stories of young people of color and their communities. To build this knowledge in the field, we conduct webinars/webcasts, share our framework, publish papers and resources that highlight evidence-based research, and produce Heal, Grow, Thrive: The Podcast.