Azza Altiraifi serves as an organizer with the Justice for Muslims Collective (JMC), which works to combat institutional and structural Islamophobia in the DC metro area through political education, grassroots organizing and mobilizations, cross-movement building and community wellness programs. The JMC has a number of robust programs geared specifically towards Muslims who identify as women or femmes. Through the course of her advocacy work, Ms. Altiraifi has identified the need for carving out spaces for BYMOC who are multiply marginalized (Muslim, LGBTQIA, Disabled, d/Deaf, etc) to heal and transform. In this vein, Ms. Altiraifi is currently developing a workshop series designed to push participants to envision who they are outside of the structures of oppression by which we are all impacted. Incorporating a number of mediums (therapeutic tools) for healthy expression of pain, this series seeks to galvanize participants to envision what collective liberation means so that we can effectively build towards that future. The series also aims to facilitate the decolonization of healing to allow BYMOC to find their place in a transformative and accountable liberation movement. Ms. Altiraifi is a public speaker, activist and organizer who speaks and conducts workshops on issues related to disability justice, racial justice, immigration, and more.