Christian comes to us from her father, a humble immigrant from Piedras Negras, Gro, Mexico, and her mother, who was born and raised in Woodstock, Illinois. Through her experiences and resiliency–and living between two worlds–Christian became a strong and passionate advocate for girls and women of color. She continues to serve the community both locally and nationwide. Her work with the National Compadres Network disrupts the dehumanization of young people by creating safe spaces so that they may use their voices. This helps them tell their own stories, begin to heal, and reclaim their sacredness and humanity in an intergenerational, multicultural approach. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, Christian received a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and Chicana(o) Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has been working in the community with youth and families for the past 17 years. ¡Adelante!