Daniel Chhum is the Community Defense Project (CDP) Coordinator for Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM) in Providence, RI. The program aims to abolish police brutality and promote healing from violence inflicted by police with a focus on mental health. PrYSM is a Southeast Asian youth organization committed to fighting against all forms of state, community, and interpersonal violence. PrYSM practices healing by holding healing sessions and conducting individual check-ins with one another. The organization has also implemented measures to identify and address any toxic dynamics within the organization and provide spaces for self-care and healing for its workers. Mr. Chhum’s work includes coordinating community events geared toward building relationships and trust amongst community members. Additionally, the CDP program provides legal services to those directly affected by police violence. He is a second generation American born from first generation refugees that escaped from Cambodia during the uprising of the Khmer Rouge. His life experiences greatly inform and impact his work as a community leader.