Depelsha McGruder is the founder of Moms of Black Boys (MOBB) United, Inc., a grassroots organization and movement that emerged from a Facebook support group for moms of black boys in response to the daily trauma caused by black males being perpetually targeted, profiled, harassed and brutalized and to a number of incidents in recent years that garnered national attention. The group started with about 30 friends and has grown to now have 185,000 members. MOBB United has also been incorporated as a 501c3 and is focused on influencing narratives about BYMOC in order to impact how they are treated and perceived by law enforcement and society. Through seminars, webinars and other community initiatives and events, they provide resources to moms and their sons to help them feel empowered and to help them safely navigate the educational, criminal justice and mental health systems. Additionally, she has formed a 501c4, MOBB United for Social Change (MUSC), an advocacy organization focused on influencing policies impacting Black males and to employ a “rapid response” approach to speaking out on cases involving mistreatment and brutality by police.