Born and raised in Papakolea, Hawaii, Keola is the founder and Kumu Lapaʻau of Ka Pā o Lonopūhā of the Academy of Native Hawaiian Healing Traditions. He has practiced Mauli Ola for over 20 years to contribute to his vision of having “a healer in every home,” and has graduated 56 Hawaiian healers. In March 2022, Keola re-established the ʻūniki (ceremonial graduation) process—formally presenting 11 students to a panel of Hawaiian experts for approval. He was also given the title of “Kahuna Lapaʻau” by these community experts, marking the first time that this Hawaiian healing process has been conducted in recent history. Kahuna Chan has expanded his academy statewide and is currently training 42 adults and 18 children across the islands. His commitment to his profession has also led him to reclaim and re-establish the kuahu (altar of our elemental natural energies) and ritual prayers that are the foundation of his culture’s healing traditions.