Nicole is a powerful advocate, educator, and community organizer. She serves as the  Community Engagement Manager for Catalyst Miami, a parent leader for P.S. 305, and the Chief Protectress of Legacy, Joy & Well-Being for the Indigo Butterfly Effect. Disrupting dehumanization and reclaiming humanity are elements of a deeply personal journey that was passed down in Nicole’s family and reside in her DNA. Her lineage includes powerful Black women, Spiritual Warriors, midwives, village keepers, and jegnas (protectors of culture, land, and people). Nicole grasped the baton of Black motherhood nearly 30 years ago when she gave birth to her beautiful Black son. Today, she deals with the realities of being a Black mother who is navigating a harsh world alongside her children who are growing up in South Florida. As she has pushed to support her three children and many young leaders in her community, Nicole has utilized organizing, education, and advocacy to demonstrate Kujichagulia (Self-Determination), a value inheritedfrom her Elders. She continually supports Black women and youth in owning their power, elevating their voices, and thriving.