Ruby’s work disrupts dehumanization and reclaims the humanity of young people of color by creating a culture of innovation that centers the health and wellness of high school students and young adults of color. This culture of innovation includes working with 50 youth to co-create a community health workers’ training that assists young people to address and heal from racial trauma. This trauma includes police killings, gun violence, and higher rates of COVID-19 deaths due to health disparities. Ruby’s team is creating a Wellness Store with high- and low-tech tools identified by the youth and supported by science. And they are training the youth as citizen (community) scientists who work with social, behavioral, and life scientists to produce new knowledge about health, disease, and resiliency that is human-centered, community-based, and interdisciplinary. The goals are to inspire a new Reconstruction era focused on social justice policies and a Chicago Renaissance focused on intense artistic and intellectual activities.