Taylor Mary is a Black Southern femme, community organizer, circle keeper and an integrative wellness practitioner. They currently serve as the Director of Parent Leadership and Evolution (affectionately known as the Village Conjuress) at Village of Wisdom(VOW), where they curate immersive experiences for Black learners that are racially affirming, culturally relevant, and undo the harm caused by anti-Black racism. As an organizer, Taylor Mary has a special gift for getting traditionally “difficult-to-reach populations” to show up for engagement events. Born from Their deep community organizing experience, Taylor Mary brings an unwavering commitment to ensuring that parent strengths and needs drive VOW’s programmatic decisions. As a circle keeper, Their practice works to reclaim the cultural vibrancy and internal wisdom of Black women through the expressions of the Divine Feminine throughout the diaspora. Their favorite color is pink and they’re a proud “Lefty.”