Introducing Our Newest Dehumanization Disruptors!

Photo collage of 20 diverse individuals.

Forward Promise Welcomes Cohort for 2024 Fellowship for Leaders

Organizers training youth to lead systems change efforts. Healers challenging internalized oppression with authentic storytelling. Teachers embracing traditions that affirm the wisdom of their cultures. Artists creating safe spaces for youth to reclaim their humanity.Warriors disrupting dehumanization to reverse generations of harm.

These are just a few examples of the powerful work our latest cohort of Forward Promise Fellows is doing in their communities, and we are excited to collaborate with them as they continue to advance healing, growing, and thriving. Over the next 6 months, this intergenerational group of 20 social changemakers will build their own community of care. They will ground themselves by devoting time to their healing and will engage with frameworks to disrupt dehumanization and implement culturally responsive healing practices. 

Our 2024 Fellows are:

  • Kimberley Alexander (she/her)
  • Crystal Bridges (she/her)
  • Hernán Carvente-Martinez (he/they/el)
  • Ntxheb Chang (she/her)
  • Kassandra Colón (they/them)
  • Ellena Gonzalez (she/they)
  • Ruth Jeannoel (she/her) 
  • Ivan Lucas (he/el)
  • Fernando Martinez (he/him) 
  • Bryan Mejia (he/him)
  • Samira Moosavi (she/her)
  • Janeicia Neely (she/her)
  • Brandie Robinson (she/her)
  • Zakiya Sankara-Jabar (she/her)
  • Alyssa Stenson (she/they)
  • Jennie Tian (she/her)
  • Ashellee Toweh (she/her)
  • Melvin Watson (he/him)
  • Elaine Wells (she/her)
  • Zong Yang (he/him)

And we invite you to welcome them to our Forward Promise Village!

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