Disrupting Dehumanization in Mental Health Services: A New Paradigm

December 1, 2021

Listen and share this dynamic conversation with Clifton Uckerman! Clifton is no stranger to the Forward Promise family as he is one of our beloved Fellow alums from the inaugural cohort of the Forward Promise Fellowship for Leaders. Additionally and most importantly, perhaps, Clifton is a Neuro-Psychotherapist With an Evolutionary Medicine Perspective and Medical Approach who tirelessly advocates for exceptional clinical services for people overcoming mental health and addiction problems within the socio-political and cultural systems that influence or exasperate the symptoms of those affected. He is on a crusade and life-mission to empower others to #HealGrowThrive in ways he also has been able to in all of his personal and lived experiences.

As part of the competent leadership team at Altium Health, located in Utah, Clif is striving to forward the promise; that all who are receiving services are treated without stigmas and stereotypes and individually with love, respect, and dignity. Clif believes in the re-humanization of persons in recovery from the often destructive effects of trauma, shame, and loss & grief; a triangle-cycle and recipe for the pain-avoidance, reward-seeking behaviors we see as addiction.

The views and opinions expressed by our guest do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Forward Promise, The Moriah Group, or its employees.