Supporting Healing & Creating Structure Amidst Chaos

November 10, 2021

In this episode, Dr. Rhonda Tsoi-A-Fatt speaks with Dr. LaNail R. Plummer, Chief Executive Officer of the Onyx Therapy Group. As a leading professional in the mental health field, Dr. Plummer is committed to improving the lifestyles of others through the aspects of mental health and character development.

A United States Military Veteran and the CEO and Clinical Director of Onyx Therapy Group — an organization she founded in 2013 — Dr. Plummer has over 15 years of experience working with a  multitude of clients and specializing in the care of young women; the Black community; and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Grounded in the values of integrity and awareness, Dr.  Plummer believes that emotional, spiritual, and cultural healing is attainable for all.

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