The Two Pandemics: Forward Promise Fights Racism in the COVID-19 Era


As the U.S. reckons with the dual pandemics of systemic racism and COVID-19—which disproportionately impacts communities of color—we must also disrupt the dehumanization that compromises the health and healing of youth of color.

“Philanthropy partners must also prioritize the need to offer flexible general operating funds–showing that they trust and value the expertise of POC-led organizations.”

“Given the way that COVID-19 has ravaged communities of color, many [leaders of color] have persisted while sustaining devastating personal and professional losses.”

“It is philanthropy’s duty to help fund and support trailblazing organizations so they can invent the next bold solutions that will ultimately transform individuals, families, neighborhoods, and the nation.”


  • Primary actions for funders  include offering general operating support, decentralizing philanthropy, and acknowledging the traumas and losses experienced by POC.
  • America’s grantmakers should look to POC-led organizations for solutions in building loving, supportive environments for youth of color that exclude policing, surveilling, and blaming.
  • The pandemic exposed profound inequities that have existed for decades. And communities of color have experienced worsening mental, physical, and economic well-being.